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Globe's Head Coach for Men's Soccer is Prince Harold OdiaCoach Prince started playing soccer at the age of six and by ten was playing for the famous Lagos Country Club and the Julius Berger Football Club Youth Foundation. Coach Prince began playing professionally at the age of sixteen with the Adewale Bridge Boys, a Division One team and a South American team. He has since obtained his coaching license from the United States Soccer Association. Coach Harold also possesses his degree in Sports Science Management.

He has coached the Brooklyn Knights, the Sierra Big Apple Football Club, and most recently, the Chelsea Bronx Football Club. Coach Prince has also served as a scouting agent for colleges, was a personal trainer for professional players, and representative for ex-Nigerian Internationals and 1994 US World Cup team members Emeka Eziogo and Chris Nwosu in South America.

Through his unique coaching style, Coach Prince aims to refine the skills of players and develop in them the confidence and discipline needed to mold students into professional athletes.

23 Suffolk CC (Scrimmage) Suffolk CC 4:00pm  
27 Burlington CC (Scrimmage) Burlington CC 1:00pm  
6 Nassau CC Nassau CC 6:00pm 1-2 L
8 Monroe College City Park 7:00pm 0-7 L
9 Kingsborough CC Kingsborough CC 2:00pm 3-2 W
10 Rockland CC Rockland CC 1:00pm 0-4 L
21 Briarcliff College Briarcliff College 4:00pm 0-0
24 ASA Metropolitan Oval 4:00pm 1-1 TIE
29 Essex CC Essex CC 4:00pm 1-4 L
3 Bronx CC Bronx CC 4:00pm 0-1 L
5 ASA BX- Macombs Dam Park 4:00pm 0-5 L
11 Monroe BX- Macombs Dam Park 4:00pm 0-4 L
15 Briarcliff College Aviator Sports Complex 4:00pm 0-0
18 Westchester CC Westchester CC 4:00pm 0-1 L